A rule to some…may not be a rule to others!


In his book, “Rescue from Domestic Perfection,” designer and author Dan Ho totally disagrees with items on the designer must-do list. Called, ” The Seven Enslaving Myths,” to design, Ho calls some of the design rules, “outright lies that re…quire some serious redressing.” While I may not agree with his assessments, I wanted you to have both sides of the design story. The one that I wanted to address was, “Myth 5: you should always be ready for drop-in guests.” I have talked about this one before…in one of my post about organization. Ho says, “No you shouldn’t, unless you are running a bed and breakfast.” He goes on to say that even then, there is this little thing called, reservations. Ho says hospitality is not having a guest room and bath, outfitted with a fluffy five-star bathrobe and a basket of mini-toiletries. He adds, “Hospitality is generosity with your personal time and space, with the ability to go with the flow.”In other words if guest stop in, they get what they get….and you and them should go with it, enjoying each other’s company. As I have said many times, design is personal and how you interpret the hard and fast design rules, is up to you. But at least you are informed.

One thought on “A rule to some…may not be a rule to others!

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